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About Sunrise Virtual School

We at Sunrise Virtual School are on a special and unique mission to drive the learner’s future with a tech-based innovative approach to dispensing education, disrupting traditional schooling as we know it through comprehensive virtual schooling that will prepare all learners not only for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences in life but to also equip them as global citizens who will be bold trailblazers.

The next generation is already here! They are tech-savvy, curious and ready to own their space in the world. Traditional schooling is no longer their narrative. They need something new, more inclusive and in tandem with the global trends; a schooling system where new ideas will be created and translated into problem-solving innovations concepts will come to life, one that guarantees quality, higher output, a global social network, convenience, affordability and job-market readiness.

Our Philosophy

Education in the 21st Century generation must deliver more to the learners than just book knowledge. Challenges learners to explore more on their own and to understand their world much better than just through book knowledge.

Sunrise Virtual School is the turn of the tide that gives learners quality education conveniently, at the right cost, for them to go higher, further, and faster! We are preparing 21st Century learners to arise and lead their generation in new ways that command influence in all spheres.


To be a global leader in the provision of quality education virtually for the 21st Century learner.


To unbundle learning and cause it to go viral by offering quality and globally acceptable education, making it accessible, affordable, and convenient to learners from across the world.

Our Values

We ensure to add, deliver, and maintain value. Our lesson plans are well-researched and articulated. We have embraced models of training and retooling our teachers to ensure that their pedagogical skills are enhanced and upgraded and up to date by taking them through frequent continuous professional development (CPD) programs.


We want our students to be fully equipped and challenged such that they are adequately prepared to fit competitively in our ever-changing world.


Our teaching and administration staff have been trained to deliver their services in line with global professional ethics with no compromise.


We believe responsible citizens are those who value and practice integrity. We communicate this clearly to our students and staff and encourage them to put it into practice at every opportunity that presents itself with courage and conviction.


Our professional teachers love to see their students excel and reach the peak of their capabilities. Our approach is learner-centred but teacher-guided, hence, challenging the learner to build discipline, be self-driven, and own the process of their learning.
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