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Music Club

We encourage and work with our parents to ensure students that have interest and gifting in music are enlisted with various music clubs where they can join other students to learn on various aspects of music such as organizing concerts, workshops and performances. It offers practice spaces and a wide array of instruments which are safely stored; an opportunity for students to come together and discuss music and a chance to perform and showcase their talents at events throughout the year.

Why is this important?

Music Club focuses on cultivation of musical talent amongst the students, they get to participate and gain exposure to various musical activities to develop and acquire a rich array of musical skills. Music Club is core for students who have interest in music. We encourage our parents to make a commitment to enlist their students with some of our selected clubs and any other clubs of their choice provided there is demonstrable commitment, professionalism and diverse aspects of music at play, including music recording. An ideal Music club should be able to meet regularly, meetings should not take more than two hours, and it should be moderately priced.


The general objectives of the Music Club are: 

  • To engage musically talented/experienced students in club’s activities

  • To maintain the progress in their musical skills throughout the academic years

  • To bring the theoretical knowledge obtained in music courses into practice

  • To develop organizational skills in students through creating bands and managing concerts

  • To foster leadership skills in students through practicalities of musical performances

  • To develop critical listening and analyzing skills, and enhance the enjoyment for music

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