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Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education is a mandatory entrance requirement for any student living in Kenya to advance to a tertiary education whether university or college. Even then, mere possession of this secondary education certificate is not enough to guarantee entry. Whether a Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma or Certificate any career course has a required minimum pass mark which varies each year, according to gender and tertiary institutions. Usually a degree has the highest minimum pass mark of around pass mark of C+, followed by diploma then certificate.

Consequently, your future career or future range of career options is tied to the subjects a student picks. KCSE examination has its subjects’ requirements which constitute the basic foundation of education.

Kenya Secondary Schools have a variety of subjects which are examinable by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC)Subject selection may be allowed at the second year (Form 2) or third year (Form 3). Either way, at their second year students are faced with this decision of which subjects to drop in preparation for their KCSE examination. A student who is set to sit for KCSE is designated as a candidate a term given to Form 4, students on their 4th year of study.

Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) requires that a candidate can sit for a MINIMUM OF 7 SUBJECTS to A MAXIMUM OF 9 SUBJECTS. Any deviation from this subject count range results in a student graded a mean grade of Z. A mean grade of Z indicates that the candidate did not meet the regular requirements. In addition to this, each and every student must choose a subject according to a certain criteria


Grp1 – Compulsory Subjects (Pick all 3)English, Mathematics(Option A or B) and Kiswahili
Grp2 – Sciences (Pick this 1)General Sciences
Grp3 – Humanities (Pick at least 2)History & Government, Geography ,CRE,IRE,HRE
Grp4 – Applied SciencesNot offered at Sunrise
Grp5 – Technical Subjects (Pick 1)Business studies


  1. A student should have a minimum of 7 subjects and a maximum of 9 subjects.
  2. Group 1 subjects are compulsory, pick General Sciences from Group 2 and two humanities from Group 3 then one from all the other groups (Group 4 or 5)

In conclusion, subject selection is a very delicate area, one that requires a considerable amount of time and thought. A candidate must also be aware that the subject they do pick will determine the range of career options that one can pick from. It is advised that students seek consultation from their teachers or informed people at Sunrise Virtual School.

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