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SUNRISE VIRTUAL SCHOOL is fully committed to safeguarding the welfare of all children in its care. We recognize the responsibility to promote safe practice and to protect children from harm, abuse and exploitation. For the purposes of this policy and associated procedures a child is recognized as someone under the age of 18 years.

Staff and volunteers will work together to embrace difference and diversity and respect the rights of children and young people.

This document outlines SUNRISE VIRTUAL SCHOOL commitment to protecting children.

These guidelines are based on the following principles:

  • The welfare of children is the primary concern.

  • All children, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, socio-economic status, religious belief and/or sexual identity have the right to protection from all forms of harm and abuse.

  • Child protection is everyone’s responsibility.

  • Children have the right to express views on all matters which affect them, should they wish to do so.

  • We shall work in partnership with children and parents/care givers to promote the welfare, health and development of children.


  1. Seek to identify with every child admitted in our school at a personal level.

  2. Promote the health and welfare of children by providing opportunities for them to:

  1. Be taught by professional teachers that truly care about children welfare.

  2. Be taught in an environment that is familiar and safe to the children.

  3. Be equipped with relevant knowledge on their rights and safety.

  4. Be given a chance to raise a complaint against anyone they are interacting with discretely.

  1. Respect and promote the rights, wishes and feelings of children.

  2. Promote and implement appropriate procedures to safeguard the well-being of children and protect them from abuse.

  3. Recruit, train, support and supervise its staff, members and volunteers to adopt the best practice to safeguard and protect children from abuse and to reduce risk to themselves.

  4. Require staff, members and volunteers to adopt and abide by this Child Protection Policy and these procedures.

  5. Respond to any allegations of misconduct or abuse of children in line with this Policy and these procedures as well as implementing, where appropriate, the relevant disciplinary and appeals procedures.

  6. Observe guidelines issued by local Child Protection Committees for the protection of children.

  7. Avail guidance and counseling services to children who may require them as may be noted by the teachers in the course of teaching.

  8. Collaborate and liaise with parents and guardians to address the welfare of the children/wards.

  9. Where need be, involve the government and other stakeholders to enforce children safety.

  10. Equip the parents with knowledge on how to keep children safe while learning virtually via internet.

  11. Maintain open communication channel to matters relating to children safety and welfare.

  12. Regularly monitor and evaluate the implementation of this Policy and these procedures.


This Policy and these Procedures will be regularly reviewed:

  • In accordance to changes in legislation and guidance on the protection of children or following any changes within SUNRISE VIRTUAL SCHOOL.

  • Following any issues or concerns raised about the protection of children within SUNRISE VIRTUAL SCHOOL.

  • In all other circumstances, at least every three years.

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