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Virtual Learning: Quality Education At An Affordable Cost

April 11, 2024
Sunrise Virtual School Admin

We know that a quality education forms the foundation on which one can build a future for themselves. A high quality education ensures a seamless transition into this future through a variety of career paths. Choosing the right education package is a challenge that many parents and guardians face.

Do any of these questions sound familiar? How do I prepare my child for an unknown future? What type of knowledge and skills will be required to navigate it? Will the present trends still be relevant 10 years from now? Is the present education system cognisant of my child’s gifts and talents to nurture and develop them sufficiently? Will my child emerge a well-rounded human being after their time in school? How much will it cost to put my child through school?

The Question Of Quality

Quality education is a topic that is continuously under discussion and constant development. This is because what determines quality education is not a simple solution. The ultimate goal of educating a mind is to ensure that a learner emerges from an education system able to apply learned concepts in a way that influences theirs, as well as others’ development and progress.

Many factors influence the value of an education system. A learner’s ability to grasp concepts and apply them to real-world situations, an educator’s ability to effectively and efficiently deliver learning materials, real-world issues that affect the relevance of the education material being taught, the society in which the curriculum is being delivered, regulations issued by governments and other stakeholders that govern what a learning institution must offer vis a vis how the said offering ought to be delivered.

The Question of Cost

In the Kenyan context, the public school sector is still grappling with the cost of free primary and secondary education, with teachers overwhelmed by the numbers and struggling to meet the checkpoints set by the Ministry of Education.

Research on the same done by the National Council for Science and Technology has pointed to historical markers which have political implications on factors that have shaped the public education system in Kenya. What the nation currently faces is large gaps in providing personalised attention, as well as nurturing talents and gifts.

The alternative, private education, may deliver quality service, personalised attention, and honing of gifts and talents, but it often comes at a high price, particularly if a parent chooses an international curriculum.

Welcome to Sunrise Virtual School

Sunrise Virtual School has navigated the many challenges commonly facing educational systems globally. It has created its own unique niche in an industry that is bereft of sufficient resources to support learning effectively.

It is not very often that you come across an educational institution that delivers high quality service, while still maintaining a personal touch; a school that ensures learners are not only mastering the material being taught, but also beginning to realise and hone their gifts and talents; a school that offers all this at an affordable cost.

Sunrise Virtual School is the place where teaching excellence meets convenience, personalised attention and affordability.

Who is Sunrise Virtual School?

Sunrise Virtual School, as the name suggests, is an educational institution offering quality education virtually. Learners enrolled are able to access live teaching lessons from their instructors alongside their peers, from anywhere in the world.

In a world where digital skills are a necessity for life, Sunrise has established itself as a pioneer in providing access to the development of these crucial skills in their service delivery model.

What is Virtual Learning?

Virtual learning is learning online through the use of video conferencing platforms. In a virtual school, the class sessions for different subjects are distributed in specific time slots throughout the day, similar to a regular class timetable.

At the allocated times, learners and teachers log in to the video conferencing platform and engage in lively interactive lessons where learners can engage with their teacher, their peers and the learning material being administered.

Apart from stationery, all that a learner would require is a functional desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and a reliable internet connection.

Benefits of Virtual Learning

Virtual learning is beneficial to both the learner and the parent or guardian in several ways. Learners learn from the safety of their home, receive quality education conveniently, receive personalised attention from their teachers, do not lose sleep in rising early to catch the school bus, avoid sitting in traffic on the commute to and from school, and experience less bullying and negative physical confrontation.

Parents on the other hand pay less for their child’s education, make savings on uniforms and other administrative fees incurred from attending a physical school, are kept abreast of their student’s progress more frequently, participate in their child’s education more actively, as well as assist in maintaining quality through their feedback.

This is not by any measure an exhaustive list of the full spectrum of benefits that both learners and parents can experience through a virtual learning experience. However, peace of mind for both the learner and the parent are often the ‘side-effect’ of engaging in virtual learning.

Work-Life Balance

In a post-pandemic world, after many lost livelihoods and loved ones, the need for work-life balance was reiterated. Many companies and organisations, having been forced to rapidly adopt systems to support their staff to work remotely, realised that productivity is not only determined by physical presence, but by the policies that determine the work-culture.

In the same vein, the success of virtual learning is determined by the policies that define expectations for teachers, learners and parents. When parents support those teaching their children, there are better outcomes for learners.

By making learning convenient, personalised, and cost-effective, Sunrise Virtual School has made it clear that a parent does not need to break the bank to afford quality education for their child, and that a learning institution can deliver quality education resourcefully.

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